How to Install Fonts on Windows 7

Installing fonts on Windows 7 looks like a pure geeky stuffy and I bet most people out there won’t feel any need of installing any new fonts on to their machine as windows-7 comes with tons of preinstalled fonts. But there are times when you scroll down the whole font list on MS Word and you are not satisfied with any font style. Then in these cases you have to download and install additional fonts. So, today I am going to guide you on how to install fonts on Windows 7.

By default windows keeps all the fonts in the “WINDOWS\Fonts” folder but if you copy paste a new font there then, it won’t work. For a new font to come in the font list of windows application it needs to be properly installed. And it will only be available in all the text editors after proper installation.

Method 1- To Install a new font:

1. Download the font, generally when you download a font you get a zip file inside which the font files are compressed. So, to install then you need to extract them.

How to install fonts on windows 7

2. Open Control panel and navigate to “appearance and personalization”

Fonts option on control panel

3. In Appearance and personalization navigate to the option that says “Install or Remove a Font”.

Install a New Font Option

4. In the “File” menu select the option of installing a new font.

Font installation window

5. In the “Add Fonts” Window select the font path and then select the font file and click on install button.

6. After clicking the install button the font will we available in all the windows applications.

Method 2- To install a new font:

1. Press Windows+R key to open run in the run enter fonts and press ok.

2. Now it will open the fonts folder and now follow the steps 4, 5 and 6 mentioned in the above method.


So, This was how install fonts on windows 7. If you face any difficulties in the process please ask us in the comments section.



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