Android Transformation Pack for Windows 7

by Ankit on October 16, 2011

android transformation pack for windows 7

Android Transformation Pack for Windows 7 is a very nice software which allows the Windows-7 users to give their machine an android makeover. Using this transformation pack is quiet easy. It comes with a setup which extracts all the theme files to their respective locations and installs them one by one. It gives your existing Operating ...

Windows 8 Transformation Pack

by Ankit on September 24, 2011

windows 8 transformation pack for windows 7

In the last decade Windows OS has gone through many major changes. Each version of Windows OS has impressed the users both with its features and with its looks. Nowadays when everyone is talking about windows 8, I thought that I would bring my readers a beautiful transformation pack that can give your OS a look ...

MS-Dos Turns 30 !!!

by Ankit on August 1, 2011

MS DOS Turn 30

Last week it was the birthday of MS DOS and it has turned 30 now! So, today I am gonna share the story behind this prodigious OS. In fact I would go one step further and say that it was only because of it Microsoft became one of the big guns in personal computing and ...