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Create Table Without Using Mouse and Menus

by Ankit on November 30, 2011

Create Table Without Using Mouse and Menus

I think I am not the only person, who wants to use his keyboard for all kind of odd jobs. Today I am going to share a nice trick that can help you to create tables in Microsoft Office or Outlook without using your mouse. Ya, I know it sounds a bit crazy to create ...

Portable Antivirus for USB

by Ankit on November 26, 2011

Portable Antivirus for USB

Many times situation demands us to connect our USB’s to public computers like cyber café pc, college, office computers. This can be very dangerous if the public computers are infected with some virus or malware, so in such situations a portable antivirus for USB can come very handy. You can simply carry this software in ...

How to hide text in word documents

by Ankit on November 17, 2011

how to hide text in word documents

Do you have some secret documents on your machine which you want to hide from your friends or other persons who will be using your machine? Or do you want to make some text hidden in your documents for security reasons? So, here I am writing an interesting post that can show you how to hide ...

How to Auto Forward in Gmail

by Ankit on November 12, 2011

Screenshot of Gmail Mail Settings

Mostly all offices block Gmail Website to increase employee productivity. Hence it becomes really difficult for people to keep a track of their Gmail email accounts in offices. I was also facing the same problem and later I came up with a solution that is auto forwarding. If you select this option then all your gmail emails will ...

Shortcut to Create New Folder in Windows 7

by Ankit on November 7, 2011

ShortCut to add a New Folder

Quiet amazed with the title! Well you have guessed it right there is a shortcut to create new folder in Windows 7. Actually, all the previous versions of Windows like XP and Vista lacked this feature. But Microsoft has now realized that most of the Windows lovers who love to use keyboard all the time have strong ...

Check Strength Of Password

by Ankit on November 4, 2011

Hackers Ready to Break in your Passwords

Yesterday I was reading an article about Facebook security and there I read something that boggled my mind. According to a survey Spammers try to break into Facebook seven times per second. So, with this number you can easily get an impression how unsafe are your online assets.  And thus as a precaution you have ...

How to Compress PDF File Size

by Ankit on November 2, 2011

How to Compress PDF File Size

PDF files are the most commonly used document files. The main advantage of PDF files is their size, they are not bulky (huge sized) as word documents. But many times it happens that we have to upload some PDF document and it’s over-sized as per the uploading limits. In that case we are only left with an ...

How to combine PDF Files

by Ankit on October 31, 2011

Combine PDF Files

Most of us use Acrobat Reader for reading pdf files but actually Acrobat Reader doesn’t provide enough functions to the users. Many times I have faced the problem that how to combine pdf files. Actually I feel that Acrobat Reader should have provided such functionalities but definitely there do exist some alternatives for this. After ...

Save PDF file as Word document

by Ankit on October 29, 2011

Nitro PDF Screenshot

Generally, for distributing documents on web (online purposes) people use PDF files. Though PDF files are small sized and non-editable but these features also point against it. By this I mean that for instance you want to take printouts of some PDF document but to save the paper you decide to make the font smaller ...

Instant Elevator Music

by Ankit on October 27, 2011

instant elevator music screenshot

Instant Elevator music is fun application for Windows users. Actually the main job of this application is to pass your time. Why or Where to Use Instant Elevator Music I guess you too have gone through this situation if you are a Windows User. Many times while installing new bulky applications you simply have to stare at ...