Play Cut the Rope Game

This would be a relief pitcher to all fans of “Cut the Rope” game that are bound to play it on mobile phones. In this article I am going to highlight the way to play Cut the Rope game online on any browser for free. Before suggesting the ways, I will be throwing some light on ...

How to uninstall IE9

by Ankit on December 30, 2011

How to uninstall IE9 completely

Microsoft designed IE9 in order to compete with other leading browsers like chrome and firefox, but in a try to win the race it has made many of it loyal admirers unhappy. Actually the experimentation with IE9 is not liked by the users. The idiotic idea of hiding the favourites button and keeping the URL ...

Speed Up Browsing By Disabling Add-ons

When you open Internet Explorer 9 then it may show a popup at bottom of the screen telling you to disable add-ons in order to speed up the browsing experience. Basically this popup message has an intention to tell you that one of your installed add-ons is taking too long to respond and hence it ...

View Websites in Text Only Mode in Chrome

by Ankit on December 17, 2011

Text Only Mode in Chrome

Many people don’t like distracting ads and heavy design elements on a website, and thus for them it’s a good idea to view sites in text only mode. Viewing a site in a text only mode means that you will only see the text version of the page and the heavy design elements like images ...

How to View History on Internet Explorer

by Ankit on October 25, 2011

History Button on Internet Explorer

Using Internet Explorer looks quiet old fashioned these days but their are few people who are hard-core lovers of Internet Explorer . Also mostly in all offices we only have Internet Explorer. But Internet Explorer is not very user friendly as compared to Chrome or Firefox. So even for performing very basic operations people have to explore ...

YouTube Downloader For Opera

by Ankit on October 21, 2011

YouTube downloader for opera

Opera is one of the finest browsers available in the market today. Its beatuiful design and estique looks have made it one of the most used browsers in the world. Many of my Geek friends are great fans of Opera and during my previous posts I haven't covered Opera to a great extent. So, today in this ...

How To Downgrade Chrome

by Ankit on October 13, 2011

how to downgrade chrome

As the name suggests, today we are going to discuss a very controversial topic and that is about downgrading Chrome browser. Actually if I have to advise you something on this I would probably tell you not to downgrade chrome anyway. What does Downgrading Chrome Means? Downgrading Chrome actually means that instead of upgrading or using newer ...

How To Do Chrome Session Restore

by Ankit on September 19, 2011

Chrome Session Restore

Before heading onto our topic about Chrome Session Restore I would like to ask few questions to you: What happens if you accidently close your internet browser ?What happens when your internet browser crashes?Well! If you don't know then let me tell you that you need not worry in both the cases as in most of the internet browsers ...

Search Preview Firefox Extension

by Ankit on September 10, 2011

Search Preview firefox extension

In this article I am going to guide you on Search Preview Firefox Extension. As you could already guess from the name of this Firefox Extension, Search Preview is an extension for Firefox which can make your internet surfing experience better by allowing you to see the website snapshot thumbnails while performing search with the ...

Auto Poke Back on Facebook

by Ankit on August 12, 2011

Auto Poke Back on Facebook

Some people on facebook are power pokers. I mean if you are in the friend list of any such users they will make your social life terrible by poking you every now and then. So if any of your friends are suffering from poking mania then you are at the right place. Today I am going to ...