Google Chrome Video Downloader

by Ankit on June 16, 2012

Google Chrome Video Downloader

Google Chrome Video Downloader makes your overall internet browsing experience better by allowing you to download your favourite videos directly from Google chrome. Using a video downloader is very easy, it’s just a matter of few clicks before you can have your favourite video downloaded on your machine.The best part about chrome video downloader is ...

20 Best Google Chrome Themes

by Ankit on June 4, 2012


Google Chrome Themes can give your Chrome browser a personal touch. The stock Google Chrome Theme is quite dull and boring. Moreover it is a good thing to personalise your web browser to suit your needs by installing important extensions and the theme you like. Here in this post I am going to enlist some ...

Mozilla Reveals Firefox 13 Beta

Yesterday on 27th April 2012 Mozilla launched Firefox 13 Beta version into the market. Firefox 13 is a faster and much secure web browser when compared to its predecessors or the other products currently in the market.Let’s peep into History: Firefox was one of the first browsers that shook the world with its features when people ...

Google Chrome Download Manager Addons

by Ankit on April 18, 2012

Google Chrome Download Manager

Today in this post I am going to guide you on  Google Chrome Download Manager add on. As all of you would agree Internet Download Managers are very beneficial to download files, music, videos, etc using your internet browser.  They have the capability to download a single file using multiple threads and this increases the ...

Firefox memory leak : How to Fix

by Ankit on February 27, 2012

Firefox memory leak

Although I am not a big time fan of Firefox but still sometimes I do use Firefox because of its add-on support. Few days back while browsing on Firefox, I noticed that it is occupying a big chunk of memory on my machine. I tried to reduce its memory usage by closing out some tabs ...

How to Read ePub Files

by Ankit on February 21, 2012

How to read epub files

Epub files are the open publication structure eBooks, that have an ePub extension. ePub files are the one of the most popular eBook formats. ePub stands for Electronic publishing. Today in this post I will be guiding you on “how to read ePub files”. Read ePub files on Firefox: The most simple and economical way to read ...

Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Chrome

by Ankit on February 16, 2012

Fix shockwave flash crashes in chrome

I guess all Google Chrome users would have gone through the most annoying problem where in Google Crashes while using shockwave flash. This problem has been reported to Google many times and they have tried to fix it however still the problem has continued through Chrome 10 to the current Chrome 15. In this tutorial ...

How to Speed Up Firefox – Complete Guide

by Ankit on February 12, 2012

How to Speed Up Firefox

Firefox is probably one of the best internet browser these days. It is so much popular among users because of its features and its extremely light interface that does not consume much system resources. But if you are a power internet user and have used Firefox to extremes then you will feel that it is ...

How to Auto Replay YouTube Videos

by Ankit on February 1, 2012

How to Auto Replay YouTube Videos

On every Christmas Eve I wished if Santa could gift me a technology or feature to auto replay videos on YouTube, so that I could enjoy my favourite songs and videos repeatedly without bothering myself to replay it manually. So today in this tutorial I am going to guide on “How to auto replay YouTube ...

Play Cut the Rope Game

This would be a relief pitcher to all fans of “Cut the Rope” game that are bound to play it on mobile phones. In this article I am going to highlight the way to play Cut the Rope game online on any browser for free.Before suggesting the ways, I will be throwing some light on ...