How to Hide Formula in Excel

Hiding formulas in excel is a thing that most of the excel users would love to know. Actually it is quite useful in the cases where you want to share an excel sheet with other people and don’t want to reveal a particular formula that you have used for any calculations. So it is always a wise option to hide your formulas before sharing your excel sheet with others.

Hiding formulas in excel is an easy task very similar to protecting cells in an excel sheet. The basic idea behind hiding formulas in excel is that first you have to change the format of the cell to hidden and then lock that cell, so that no one can change the contents.

Steps to Hide Formula in Excel:

  • To hide formula in excel first of all you have to select the cell, right click on the cell and select the option “Format cells”.
How to hide formula in Excel
  • Now a “Custom List” window will open, navigate to the “Protection” Tab and check the “Hidden” option and click “Ok”.
  • After this navigate to the “Review” tab in excel, select the “Protect sheet option”.
Protecting worksheet
  • In the Protect sheet window, check keep the default check boxes checked as shown in the image, enter the password and click “Ok”
Formula gets hidden
  • Now, the formulas in the selected cells will be hidden i.e. they won’t show up in the edit bar.

Steps to Unhide a Formula in Excel:

Now if you want to make some changes to the formula again you need to unprotect the sheet.

  • To unhide the formulas simply navigate to the “review” tab and select the option “Unprotect sheet”.
Unhide formula in Excel
  • Now a window will pop out, asking for your password. Here you need to enter the same password that you used to hide the cells.
  • After entering the password click “Ok” and your cells will get un protected and you can make the desired changes to the cells.


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