Tinted Windows That Can Generate Electricity

It has just become a daily affair that we read about many interesting advancements in the area of Solar Power harnessing. But if you have a closer look at it you might find that these inventions look stronger and better on paper rather than in real life. But this time a Germany based company, Heliatek has invented semi transparent tinted window glass sheets that can generate electricity.

Tinted windows that can generate electric

Visualize the use of such an invention in cars or in homes. On one side they protect you from the extra bright light and also at the same time it can generate electricity for you. Isn’t it great? You could charge your cell phone or the car battery using it.

Technicalities of the Process:

Actually, the concept that Heliatek used in making these tinted windows is not altogether new. A similar method is used to develop touchscreens. But Heliatek has modified the process by using shorter chains of organic molecules deposited on the flexible backing of the cell. These shorter molecules are called as oligomers. Oligomers have a capability of selective light absorption, i.e. it is possible to tune them to absorb light waves of a single wavelength. It is interesting to note that theses tinted window cells have a life span much higher than the regular solar cells and it is only because of the use of oligomers.


The new idea of using Oligomers has proved to be a right choice for Heliatek. The right usage of oligomers allows the Heliatek panels to be tuned for absorbing a particular wavelength of light better than others. So, it allows having a selective absorption pattern also.

The major downside of Heliatek panels is that they are only able to convert 9.8% of the light falling on them to electricity, which is quiet low in comparison to regular solar panels which can convert 15-18% of the light falling on them to electricity. But the company has said that they are working hard to bring up the efficiency to at least 12%.

Ability to work in low light condition:

Despite of the fact that efficiency of Heliatek panels is quiet low when compared to normal solar panels but it can work better than any solar panel in low light conditions. This is because conventional solar panels need bright light and averagely high temperature to generate power on the other hand Heliatek panels can work in low light condition with low temperatures. According to an experiment Heliatek panels were able to generate more power overtime than conventional solar cells.

Though Heliatek has tried so hard to make a mark with its product but most of the solar power harnessing inventions fails because of the high installation cost and bulky nature. Let’s see how Helitak copes up with them.

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Bryan April 24, 2012 at 9:18 am

hi Ankit
Hopefully they will be able to reduce the cost unlike solar cells as there is potential for huge demand for it . But the problem with is Solar power is storage, better and cheaper Batteries need to invented.
technology right? It will not be far before even Solar power generating paints are used in building


Ankit April 26, 2012 at 2:51 pm

Very true, Brain. If Heliatek Windows have to make a mark then, they need to bundle these pannels with some cheap batteries with high storage capacity.

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