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Today in this post I am going to guide you on RemoveWat activation on Windows 7. This is a utility developed by Hazar Group; the basic functionality of the tool is to remove the Windows Activation Technologies also called as WAT in short. WAT is the technology that Windows uses to detect if the copy of OS installed on a particular machine is genuine or not. If WAT finds that a particular Operating system is not activated then it displays an activation message on the system.

Genuine Microsoft Software

The application bypasses the Microsoft WAT by injecting an SLIC (System licensed Internal Code) and this SLIC makes Windows fool into thinking that the Windows is genuine. The best part about it is that after bypassing the WAT you will be able to receive all the updates similar to a genuine OS.

Feature of RemoveWAT:

Before starting with the installation process, I would like to highlight few features about this tool. The tool requires no additional process after patching. On paper and logically the tool can guarantee a 100% result.

The tool is efficiently coded with safety checks to prevent damages to the OS while patching.

The tool is safe and zero risk of bricking your boot sectors.


Installation Instructions for RemoveWAT:

Now without wasting further time, I would like to quickly share the process to install RemoveWAT. Please follow below instructions to install it:

  • Firstly open the rar file and run the RemoveWAT.exe
  • Now click the button that says “Remove WAT” and allow it to restart the computer.
  • Once the system gets restarted the activation will be automatically taken care of.

Download RemoveWat tool

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Disclaimer: Using applications like RemoveWAT is illegal and Geekrevealed does not support this. The article is simply written for the informational purpose and it is suggested that users should not use it.

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Matt Morales April 16, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Oh, I would like to ask if Microsoft detected already that your OS is not genuine, is this software still effective?

Admin April 17, 2012 at 1:23 pm

Yes, the tool can even work after Microsoft detects that the OS is not Genuine.

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