Temple Run Game for Android Phones

by Ankit on March 20, 2012

Temple Run Game for Android is a very nice and addictive game which is going to be released by 27th-March 2012. Basically Temple Run is a popular iOS game and now Imangi Studios have developed the same game for android platform. The game was released for iOS in august 2011 and few months later in Jan 2012 the game became the top free app on the App Store. As far as Android OS is concerned the game will be available for free in Android Market (Google Play)

Temple Run Game for Android

Actually the game was immensely popular among the iPhone users and now when it is going to be released for Android OS, same response is expected. The game involves the player to steal some ancient treasure from the temples and then to escape some really mad temple guardians. Swiping your way through various paths, collecting coins and gems on the way makes the game more interesting. As you move to the higher levels more difficult and faster the gameplay becomes.

Review of Temple Run Game:

  • Graphics: The graphics are very nice. So, I will give a 5 star to it. [★★★★★]
  • Gameplay: The game behaves like any other adventure game and as you reach the higher levels the gameplay becomes more fast and difficult. [★★★★]
  • Adventure Level: In terms of adventure level I would rate this game as 4 star. After playing it you will be addicted to it. [★★★★]
  • Music: The game has nice music and sounds and the music gels well with the gameplay.[★★★]
Temple Run Game

Temple Run for Android Requirements:

There are no special requirements to play the game. But having android 2.1 éclairs is the minimum requirement. The game may also require you to have a flash player. So, if your phone does not have a stock flash player then you may need to get one separately.

Download Temple Run for Android:

As of now the game has not released, so on Internet you will find fake apps in the name of Temple Run. We will update you as soon as the download becomes available.

Update: Download Link for Temple Run Game for Android



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