Enable Facebook Timeline for Pages

Just recently Facebook has announced to roll another update that will enable the Facebook timeline feature for pages. Although the official date decided by Facebook to roll out this update is March 31st, 2012, but if you are curious about this timeline feature then you can enable it right now also. So, in article I will guide you on how to enable Facebook timeline for pages.

Enable Facebook Timeline for Pages

Personally saying I didn’t liked the Facebook timeline initially but now I feel that Facebook timeline is a better way of showcasing your achievements, the milestones that you have crossed. So, it makes your Facebook page more presentable.

Features in Facebook timeline:

  1. The best feature that I personally liked in the timeline view is that, you don’t have to navigate to any other page to check your Facebook page insights; it’s just located above the timeline cover.
  2. The second feature that I liked in the Facebook Timeline is the timeline cover as it makes your profile more presentable.
  3. Another feature worth mentioning is that you can highlight a wall post by clicking the “Pin to Top” option.

Steps to enable Facebook timeline:

Facebook Timeline Preview Your Page
  • Now you will see a page as shown above, here select the option “Preview your Pages”
Facebook Timeline Preview Your Page 2
  • After the above step Facebook will display you a list of all the pages associated with your account, click the button “Turn on Preview” for the page for which you want to apply the timeline.
Facebook TimeLine Preview
  • Instead of publishing the timeline directly, I will suggest you to do some customizations to it before making it live. For example you can change the Facebook timeline covers. Select the posts that you want to hide from the timeline view.
  • When you feel that you are done with the customization part, it’s time to publish the timeline. Just click on the publish button and you are done with enabling Facebook timeline for your page.

This was all about how to Enable Facebook Timeline for Pages if you have any queries then please share them below in our comments section.

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