How to Auto Replay YouTube Videos

On every Christmas Eve I wished if Santa could gift me a technology or feature to auto replay videos on YouTube, so that I could enjoy my favourite songs and videos repeatedly without bothering myself to replay it manually. So today in this tutorial I am going to guide on “How to auto replay YouTube videos”.

The ways that I am going to suggest for this task largely depend on the Internet Browser that you are using.

Steps to Auto Replay YouTube Videos for Firefox Users using Loopy

Loopy is a handy script for Grease monkey. Once installed if allows you to repeat YouTube videos over and over again automatically. However please note that this add-on could be used only for Firefoz users.

How to Auto Replay YouTube Videos

Please follow below steps to auto replay youtube in Firefox browser:

1) Download and install GreaseMonkey add-on to your Firefox.

2) Restart Firefox once GreaseMonkey is installed.

3) Now Install Loopy from here.

4) Now open any YouTube video.

5) Once the video starts playing click on loop as shown in below picture.

6) Please note that “Loop” button would be initially gray / black in color. However once it is turned on, the color will change to red.

The video you play will be in loop until you turn of loopy or choose another song.

Steps to Auto Replay YouTube Videos using Repeater

If you don’t have Firefox browser or in case you don’t want to install Greasemonkey, then here is the way that would auto replay youtube videos for you. YouTubeRepeater is a website that allows you to automatically replay any YouTube Video. All you have to do is to follow below steps:

1) Go to and find your video.

2) Now in the URL Bar type repeater between youtube and .com

3) Press Enter.

Example: Lets say your YouTube URL was something like this :

Replay YouTube Videos

Now you enter repeater in between youtube and .com. Now your url will look like:

Youtube Repeater

This will auto replay your video a number of times until you either change the video or stop / pause the video.

Steps to Auto Replay YouTube Videos in Firefox using Inbuilt Feature

You will be amazed to know that YouTube has an inbuilt functionality to repeat video over and over again. All you have to do is to enter in a URL with specific looping parameters. The following is the format that you have to use to do this:

Don’t worry about the much longer URL, it will still achieve the same results. To find the ID of a Youtube video however, you first need to visit the video page as you would normally would, like below example:

Every character after the equals sign is included in the video ID (meaning this video’s ID is _OBlgSz8sSM). So in order to repeat this video automatically the full URI will be:

However please note that this feature works only for Firefox users with Greasemonkey extension. If you do not have Greasemonkey extension then please download it here and restart firefox after installation to enable this feature.

You can also check the entire list of parameters supported by the YouTube player.

So, this was all about how to auto replay YouTube videos.



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it solutions lincoln ne February 2, 2012 at 11:32 pm

It’s so much easier to do with Chrome. You just grab an extension and you are good to go.

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