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From more than 250 years the practice of dowry has continually made the Indian society weaker. According to this cult the Bride’s family is expected to give a considerable amount of money, jewellery and other valuables to groom and his family to ensure that the bride would be properly cared after marriage. Although government has made tons of rules and acts against this cult but in India this custom is still growing.

Play Angry Brides Online

Recently Indian Matrimony portal has launched a legendary game “Angry Brides”. has launched the game to do its bit against the dowry system. “We wanted to raise awareness about the ills of dowry, a tradition that is still very closely related with marriage,” said Ram Bhamidi, head of online marketing at As the name suggests the game is inspired by Rovio’s “Angry birds”. The main theme of the game is to fight against dowry.

Angry Brides Wepons

The game sets players against “Greedy grooms”, who began with a dowry set at 1.5 million rupees. The brides are allowed to select weapons like broomsticks, stiletto shoes and frying pans and attempt to attack the greedy grooms with them. Each successful hit reduces the dowry amount and adds the money to the player’s anti-dowry fund which players can choose to display on their walls or tweet.

Angry Brides Review :

GamePlay : The game is quiet easy to play in each levels you will have some weapons and some dowry fund target which you have to achieve before the stipulated time. As you hit the greedy grooms the dowry fund increases and when it meets the target you can move to next level. (3 stars ★★★)

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Graphics: Graphics are okay. I believe that the game could have been made much better if they would have emphasized on graphical details. For example, the bride sitting on the stairs could have been graphed much better. (2 stars ★★)

Sounds : The game does not rely on sounds or music and frankly saying instead of the hitting sound(when the target is hit) and the clapping sound(when the target dowry fund is raised) there is no other sound. (2 stars ★★).

How To Play Angry Brides Online:

  • Log on to your facebook account.
  • Visit the link [Angry Brides Game] and click the “Play” button.

How To Play Angry Brides Online

  • After that it will ask you to authorize it to access the facebook information click “install” and its done

The Message:

Though the game doesn’t looks like some best of the best action packed game which you can play for days but still it brings out a serious message i.e. “Stop Dowry system”. If you liked the game then don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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