How to hide text in word documents

Do you have some secret documents on your machine which you want to hide from your friends or other persons who will be using your machine? Or do you want to make some text hidden in your documents for security reasons?
So, here I am writing an interesting post that can show you how to hide text in word documents. I bet most of us would be unaware of this option in Microsoft Word, but Microsoft Word has an inbuilt feature for hiding text. By hiding text means that you would be able to make some part of text invisible inside your word document. Here we are not talking about making the text invisible by setting the text colour and the background of same colour but you can literary hide text inside word documents.

So here is a step by step procedure to do hide text inside word documents:

  • First open a word document.
  • Write some text into it.
  • Now select some part of text that you want to hide, right click the selected text and select the font option.

how to hide text in word documents

  • Now check the checkbox “Hidden” and click “Ok”.

how to hide text in word documents

  • And the selected text becomes invisible. After the text has become invisible you can save the document and no one would be able to know that some text inside the document is hidden.

Now, after hiding the text, you would also want to unhide it. So, follow the below mentioned steps to unhide text inside the word documents.

  • Simply click the mouse pointer anywhere on the document.
  • Press Ctrl+A, to select all the text and right click on the selected text.
  • And select the Font option, and un-check the “Hidden” checkbox, click “Ok”.
  • After clicking the Ok button your hidden text will be displayed.

So, this was all about hiding text in Word Documents. For more tips and tricks, stay connected.


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