Facebook How To Unfriend Someone

by Ankit on October 3, 2011

Facebook is probably the largest social networking site with almost 800 million active users, so there is a fair chance that you don’t like every single person in your friend-list. So today I am going to guide you on how to unfriend someone on Facebook. There are various ways to unfriend someone. I am going to share all the methods with you one by one.

Unfriend on Facebook by visiting the Person’s Profile Page

Please follow below steps to unfriend someone on Facebook after visiting his or her profile:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Now after you Facebook Home page is loaded. Search for the Friend that you want to delete.
  • Visit the profile of the person.
  • Wait until his / her profile page is loaded.
  • On the top right corner there will be a button named “Friends”. Click on it.

facebook how to unfriend

  • After clicking on the “Friends” button will show you a sub menu. At the end of this menu you will find an option to “Unfriend”.
  • Select “Unfriend” option.
  • A window will be prompted to confirm the request and you are done.

Unfriend Someone on Facebook by visiting your own Profile Page

Please follow below steps to unfriend someone on Facebook from your Profile Page.

  • Login to your Facebook account and go to your profile page.
  • Then click on the “Friends” tab as shown in below screenshot.

facebook how to defriend

  • Once the page is loaded with all your friends, select the Friend that you want to Unfriend.
  • Now for the person you want to unfriend click the “Friends” button in front of his profile pic.
  • Now in the sub menu there will be an option for “Unfriend”, click on it and confirm.

Eureka! you have unfriended the person on Facebook.

So this was all about unfriending someone on Facebook using your own Profile Page or that Person’s Profile Page.  If you have come across any other trick to unfriend on Facebook then do share it with us in below comments section.
! Happy Facebooking !


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