How To Share Songs on Facebook

by Ankit on September 23, 2011

Many times you want your friends or someone special in your friend list to know which song you are hearing currently or which song do you like. And to make your social experiences better Facebook supports a feature by which you can share songs on Facebook with your friends. Although Facebook doesn’t have a built in music player application but still there are certain ways by which you can share music on Facebook. So, today I will let you know how to share songs on Facebook.

Actually the whole logic behind this is related to Facebook api, whenever you enter any link in the status bar field then Facebook follows the link source to know whether the link you are entered is a webpage, video link or a music link. If it comes to know that the link is a music link then it feeds the link to its stock audio player and it can play the song, without having the need for you to navigate to the page where the song is actually hosted.
How To Share Songs on Facebook

Instructions for sharing songs on Facebook:

  • First of all go to the website that has the music you want to share.
  • For example if you want to share songs from then select the song, click the song and let it open in your browser right-click on the URL in the address bar and select the “Copy” option.
  • Visit your Facebook account and go to the update status text field.
  • Right click and select the paste option. This passes in the link to the music you want to share in your Facebook News Feed.
  • Click on “Share,” and the music will be posted on the News Feed for your friends to enjoy.

So, by using above steps you can share songs on Facebook. Please do let us know how you find this tip.


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